The Syndicate


  • The Syndicate: Episode 6
    The Syndicate

    As Nathan discovers the secret, will The Syndicate survive...?

  • The Syndicate: Episode 5
    The Syndicate

    With Celia worried about not being able to reach Jill, Nathan goes back to the house to check on her. What he finds there will throw the family into turmoil.

  • The Syndicate: Episode 4
    The Syndicate

    As the family returns home after Neil's birthday party, tragedy is waiting for one of them...

  • The Syndicate: Episode 3
    The Syndicate

    Finding Rhys a worthy pupil, Nathan decides to raise the subject of working with someone new with the rest of the family. But how will they take it?

  • The Syndicate: Episode 2
    The Syndicate

    Having offered to help Rhys learn the craft of killing, Nathan begins his education. However, a conversation with adopted sister and poisoner Celia makes him realize that introducing the idea of Rhys to the rest of the family may not be so easy.

  • The Syndicate: Episode 1
    The Syndicate

    When novice serial killer Rhys trespasses on seasoned killer Nathan's territory it looks like the end for him. But Nathan has recently lost his brother and killing partner Jamie in a car accident and when Rhys won't leave him alone, Nathan becomes intrigued.

  • The Syndicate - Trailer
    The Syndicate

    A darkly humorous story, 'The Syndicate' centers on a family of serial killers fostered as 'troubled' children. One of these children, Nathan, now a well adjusted adult, lives in London where, until recently, he had killed in partnership with his biological brother Jamie. However, when Jamie is killed in a car accident, Nathan cannot adjust to working alone, feeling the loss of his brother greatly. Then he meets Rhys. Young, inexperienced and eager to learn the business, Rhys evokes the big brother in Nathan and when Nathan agrees to take Rhys under his wing, it seems the family is once more complete. But will the family accept Rhys? And how will his arrival affect 'The Syndicate'?

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: 10min. 26sec.
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    As Nathan discovers the secret, will The Syndicate survive...?

    Credits: CAST:
    Nathan - Jeffrey Mundell
    Rhys - Christopher Mock
    Celia - Charlotte Purton
    Jill - Mary Benn
    Neil - Ryan Spencer Wilson
    Zoe - Sherona Knight
    Steve - James Card
    Jamie - Michael Gilhooly
    Dylan - Ivan Wilton Tregear
    Harry - Louis Richardson
    Jogging Victim - Hamah White
    Student Victim - Kandice Morris
    Strangled Victim - Daniel D Moses
    Pool Table Victim - Lucy Pryor
    Stalked woman in park - Helen Meredith
    Passers By - Louise McRae & Graham Pryor

    Director: Victoria Howell
    Producer: Systir
    Written by: Victoria & Amy Howell
    Music by: Ben Metsers

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