The Crew


  • Vrock's Vlog
    The Crew

    Vrock takes time out of his busy schedule to update the universe on the minutia of his life.

  • The Signal
    The Crew #115

    The origin of the signal is revealed in the season finale of The Crew.

  • Cloned - Part III
    The Crew #114

    The conclusion of the epic clone saga.

  • Cloned - Part II
    The Crew #113

    As the clones begin to take over the engine room, The Crew finally starts to figure out that something strange is in fact going on.

  • Cloned - Part I
    The Crew #112

    The Crew investigates a mysterious rock found floating in space.

  • Break-Ups to Make-Ups
    The Crew #111

    While Tom's obsession for Dr. Talia grows, Andrea implements her own seduction strategy.

  • Call the Doctor
    The Crew #110

    The Crew is examined by a doctor from the residence. Tom is less than happy about it.

  • Verdict
    The Crew #109

    The truth is revealed about what happened in the residence.

  • Barfly
    The Crew #108

    An old friend from Tim's past joins The Crew. Meanwhile Jenni and her roommate Amber prepare for their night out.

  • No Escape
    The Crew #107

    After the incident in the Engine Room, the ship is required to undergo a system update, implementing new safety protocols. During which, The Crew is released to the residence for some R&R.

  • Departed
    The Crew #106

    The U.S. Azureas is enlisted to track down and investigate a mysterious signal emanating from deep space.

  • An Explanation of Sorts
    The Crew #105

    With the Engine Room Crew back from their trip to the Ghost Ship, the mysteries discovered on board are revealed.

  • Poop Deck
    The Crew #104

    Stewart Kobbler cleans up the engine room while the crew is away on their mission.

  • Ghost Ship
    The Crew #103

    The Crew of the U.S. Azureas come across an unidentified Ghost Ship out in space.

  • The Last Romantics
    The Crew #102

    Romance is all around on board the U.S. Azureas.

  • The Crew - Pilot
    The Crew #101

    In the first episode of "The Crew," a new webseries, the crew investigates a mysterious engine error.

Comments & Info: The Signal

: 5min. 16sec.
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    The origin of the signal is revealed in the season finale of The Crew.


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