Grass Roots


  • Party at Neil's
    Grass Roots - Ep. 6

    In the last episode of the season, Miles and Harry are invited to their campaign manager's house for a little socializing. Things don't work out as well as Miles had expected.

  • Hanging With the Big Dogs
    Grass Roots - Ep. 5

    Miles isn't going to blow his one shot at hanging out with the campaign's movers and shakers. Harry isn't thrilled with Miles' plan to ingratiate himself to the cool crowd.

  • Plan B
    Grass Roots - Ep. 4

    After offending black voter Frank Clements, Miles comes up with a plan to get him back.

  • The Black Vote
    Grass Roots - Ep. 3

    Miles and Harry try to nail down the votes of a not-so-major demographic.

  • Door to Door
    Grass Roots - Ep. 2

    Miles and Harry hit the streets to get out the word about Jim Clarkson's campaign.

  • Coffee's Not Dessert
    Grass Roots - Ep. 1

    Miles teaches Harry the first of many valuable lessons on how to succeed on the Clarkson campaign.

  • Grass Roots - Trailer
    Grass Roots

    Grass Roots is a comedy web series following the exploits of two very impolitic political hacks on the campaign trail. Unfortunately for their candidate, Miles and Harry (Aaron Hilliard and Kirby Heyborne) seem to be losing more votes than they're winning.

Comments & Info: The Black Vote

: 3min. 37sec.
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    Miles and Harry try to nail down the votes of a not-so-major demographic.

    Credits: Created By: Aaron Hilliard

    Kirby Heyborne
    Jerry Minor

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