The Virgin Mattress


  • Mo' Money Mo' Problems
    The Virgin Mattress - Ep. 8

    The Virgin Mattress is born and appears to be a great success, however, Malcolm's father, Henry Sr., has some misgivings. Will The Virgin Mattress campaign be enough to save the store?

  • ...And They Have A Plan
    The Virgin Mattress - Ep. 7

    While talking with a customer about her husband's hand-me-down bed, Grace is struck with an idea (which doesn't include ambiance and finger bowls) that she thinks will save the store.

  • On A Rope
    The Virgin Mattress - Ep. 6

    Our heroes find their lives in danger when an unexpected visitor arrives at closing time. Will they conquer their invader? Will Mal and Grace's relationship survive this intrusion? Will Gary the Bed Wizard's spell succeed in saving the day?!

  • One Crazy Slumber
    The Virgin Mattress - Ep. 5

    Episode five opens to Gary discovering the dirty, secret lives of old mattresses. Meanwhile, Shawn and MC rendezvous back at Sleep Shoppe, debriefing Mal and Grace on their espionage at Bed-O-Rama.

  • Man With The Golden Spring
    The Virgin Mattress - Ep. 4

    Shawn and MC go on a top-secret reconnaissance mission to Bed-O-Rama in hopes of discovering Penpolen's secret to success.

  • Ambiance to Remember
    The Virgin Mattress - Ep. 3

    Grace surprises Mal and Gary with an explosion of ambiance at Sleep Shoppe. The guys are reluctant to go along with Grace's idea and the changes to the store, especially when her plan backfires and causes a sale to a visiting cowboy to go, hooves up.

  • Heart of Gold
    The Virgin Mattress - Ep. 2

    Malcolm enlists the help of Mary Catherine in hopes of making a sale. MC teaches one couple about the value of a high BPO, or bounce-per-ounce, for a successful marriage. Her southern charm is put to good use seducing them into their very own Hallelujah Chorus.

  • So I Married a Bed Retailer
    The Virgin Mattress - Ep. 1

    Meet the Sleep Shoppe gang, along with their rival Franklin Penpolen, in episode one of The Virgin Mattress. Their night out at the bar turns to business when Franklin threatens to take over Sleep Shoppe once and for all.

  • The Virgin Mattress - Trailer
    The Virgin Mattress

    The Virgin Mattress tells the tale of Sleep Shoppe, a mattress store that's seen better days. On their quest for success, the staff encounters a mattress gangsta, a cranky cowboy, a thief with bad sleeping habits, and a few individuals who may have just wandered out of a LARPing convention. Despite all the shenanigans, owners Mal and Grace come together to understand what Sleep Shoppe needs to get the edge... and a little more about each other in the process. (We'll give you a hint - the answer is not a serenade by a balladeering "Bed Wizard"). The series will leave you laughing out loud, and dreaming of a virgin mattress of your very own.

Comments & Info: Man With The Golden Spring

: 5min. 11sec.
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    Shawn and MC go on a top-secret reconnaissance mission to Bed-O-Rama in hopes of discovering Penpolen's secret to success.

    Credits: Leggett & Platt, INC

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