The Best Friend


  • The Perfect Woman
    The Best Friend - Ep. 10

    All seems lost when Millie interviews possible replacements for Sooze. Season Finale.

  • A Day Without
    The Best Friend - Ep. 9

    "Morning after" regret leads to a walk of shame and some soul searching as Millie and Sooze suffer through "a day without" each other.

  • In The Ring: Part 2
    The Best Friend - Ep. 8

    Feathers fly when Millie and Sooze finally duke it out.

  • In The Ring: Part 1
    The Best Friend - Ep. 7

    It's Millie's party and she'll cry if she wants to.

  • Stalker Music Video
    The Best Friend - Special Feature #2

    The Stalkers Music Video

  • The Big OMG - Music Video
    The Best Friend - Special Feature #1

    The Big OMG music video.

  • The Big OMG
    The Best Friend - Ep. 6

    Will Millie and Sooze's latest field trip finish with a happy ending?

  • Working Girls
    The Best Friend - Ep. 5

    Things get steamy with Millie and her boss until an unwelcome pirate surfaces with an ARRRRm full of goodies.

  • Girls' Day Out
    The Best Friend - Ep. 4

    When Sooze drags Millie on a girls' day out, an innocent shopping adventure turns into the stuff that nightmares are made of... literally.

  • Wing Woman
    The Best Friend - Ep. 3

    After a disastrous night on the town, romantically-challenged Millie breaks the news to Sooze that she needs a new wing woman who isn't such a backfiring man-magnet.

  • Stalkers
    The Best Friend - Ep. 2

    A mysterious stalker has Sooze begging her best friend Millie to rescue her (AGAIN).

  • Cleaning House
    The Best Friend - Ep. 1

    "Millie's best friend Sooze drops in for an unexpected visit, giving a whole new meaning to "cleaning house".

  • The Best Friend - Teaser
    The Best Friend

    Have you ever felt like you were merely an extra in someone else's movie? The Best Friend web series explores what it would look like to watch a romantic comedy through the POV of the best friend character rather than the ingenue. The series will attempt to answer the question - What happens to a friendship when life, love, relationships and romance are lived vicariously by one friend through the other.

Comments & Info: In The Ring: Part 1

: 3min. 52sec.
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    It's Millie's party and she'll cry if she wants to.

    Credits: Creators: Marilyn Anne Michaels & Allie Smith

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