• The Lucky Ones
    Clutch - Season 2 - Episode 10

    Mike and Matt follow the human traffickers back to their holding house as they search for Kylie. If only they knew what they were walking into... With a stellar guest starring cast including Jillian Clare (Miss Behave, The Kitchen), Tom Konkle (Safety Geeks: SVI, Arrested Development) and Katya Gardner (The X-Files, Stir of Echoes 2). Season 2 Finale.

  • Traffick Jam
    Clutch - Season 2 - Episode 9

    Marcel's deal with the Human Traffickers is set to go. Raven and Jordan have other plans for how it will go down. Mike and Matt plot to seize the opportunity for a chance to find Kylie. Featuring a cameo from Mike Donis (Pete Winning and the Pirates).

  • Unlikely Allies
    Clutch - Season 2 - Episode 8

    Jordan knows where Bridgette got her gun - a guy who "gets things", named... Mike. Bringing Raven with her makes things interesting... Raven has also found leverage that will get Matt on her side.

  • Digging Your Own Grave
    Clutch - Season 2 - Episode 7

    Lex has told her secret to Marcel, and Matt finds himself right in the middle of the fallout. Jordan rages after Bridgette's suicide, blaming Marcel's oppressive ways for her death and vowing vengeance.

  • Living in Fear
    Clutch - Season 2 - Episode 6

    Since Marcel forced a role reversal on Raven, she can never go back to remaining uninvolved. It is time to rally the troops, for they must stand together if they are going to stand at all. Only some of Marcel's most misogynistic goons have their own plans for the girls in the brothel.

  • Peripeteia
    Clutch - Season 2 - Episode 5

    Raven's arrangement will no longer save her as Marcel grows tired of being the sub. Bridgette is haunted by guilt, having given up Kylie, and there is only one thing left to do. With segments guest-directed by Jason Leaver (Out With Dad), Alex Gheorghe and multi-MMVA winner Isaac Rayment, this episode is a collaboration like no other.

  • Catsup
    Clutch - Season 2 - Episode 4

    Guest Director Jason Leaver (Out With Dad) helms this sharply entertaining return of Matt (Matthew Carvery) and Lex (Caitlynne Medrek), as they go on another debt collection. Matt is put in an awkward place when he finds out the target is Mike (Jeff Sinasac) and they are forced to work out their personal issues - now or never.

  • Inamorata
    Clutch - Season 2 - Episode 3

    Shaken by Marcel's wrath, Bridgette finds solace in Jordan, one of the girls under her watch in her new cathouse.

  • La Malinche
    Clutch - Season 2 - Episode 2

    Raven is trapped in her mistake working for the mob boss Marcel, and Mike is making some new ones in this chilling episode, guest starring Ash Catherwood of Microwave Porn fame, and Wendy Glazier and Caitlynne Medrek of Out With Dad.

  • Debt Collectors
    Clutch - Season 2 - Episode 1

    Matt, now working for Marcel, is in over his head and there's nothing he can do about it. Mike is back to pickpocketing and can't get a break. Raven recalls a visit from Kylie as she learns neutrality isn't going to work anymore.

  • Aftermath
    Clutch: Season 2 - Episode 0

    When you rob from the mob, there is a price to be paid. Marcel is the master of exploiting weaknesses as Bridgette is about to learn in this intensely dark opening to the second season of Clutch.

  • Balance Due
    Clutch - Ep. 8

    In the action-packed season finale, Kylie takes matters into her own hands, Bridgette finds herself in a sticky situation, and Mike throws the plan aside in favor of a more direct approach.

  • It Always Catches Up To You
    Clutch - Ep. 7

    Hatch is caught in a lose-lose situation upon discovering Marcel tied up in the fetish dungeon. A little history between the two is revealed and we see what he means.

  • Whip It
    Clutch - Ep. 6

    Marcel has arrived and it's time to go all Ocean's 11. With the help of her new friend Bridgette, Kylie poses as the dominatrix while Mike keeps watch outside. A briefcase full of money is in her grasp. If only it were that simple.

  • Know Your Target
    Clutch - Ep. 5

    To pull off the heist of a lifetime, Kylie poses as a client at the fetish studio and gets to know Marcel's dominatrix up close and personal. On the hot-seat, she finds she might like this a little more than she thought.

  • A Mentor
    Clutch - Ep. 4

    Kylie's latest mark turns out to be marking her, as she learns the hard way that she's not the only pickpocket in town. Turning her into the police may have crossed his mind, but Mike has other plans for her.

  • Pick A Pocket or Two
    Clutch - Ep. 3

    Stuck in an off-the-radar hotel and unable to sleep, Kylie overhears a John walk out on his hooker without paying. Doing what she does best, she intervenes with a little sleight of hand. Later, while working the street with her slippery fingers, a chance run-in with an old school classmate offers her a solution to her insomnia.

  • Your Ex-Lover is Dead: Part 2
    Clutch - Ep. 2

    Threatened with being sold to the sex trade, Kylie takes matters into her own hands. There's no turning back from her actions, and she must flee to a grungy hotel to stay under the radar.

  • Your Ex-Lover is Dead: Part 1
    Clutch - Ep. 1

    There is a 9mm Beretta pointed at Kylie's head. With a purse full of pickpocketed goods, she's just come home to find two mobsters with a hatchet poised over the head of her true love. She's got to make some fast choices. She chooses to fight - for love. In whatever form it takes.

  • Clutch - Trailer

    Clutch (Season 1) is an eight-part series where Kylie, a streetwise pickpocket who survives on looks, charm and sneaky fingers, is on a quest for her place in the world. But her life changes drastically when she finds herself in the big leagues of organized crime. Clutch is created by filmmaker Jonathan Robbins, himself the child of a woman who fought for love and survival.

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    Matt, now working for Marcel, is in over his head and there's nothing he can do about it. Mike is back to pickpocketing and can't get a break. Raven recalls a visit from Kylie as she learns neutrality isn't going to work anymore.



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