Hey Girl


  • Sunbathing Sleepover
    Hey Girl - Ep. 16

    Becka and Jason wear out their welcome quickly, while Mr. Willis is fascinated by Becka in a bikini. Season Finale.

  • Country Boys and Dixie Chicks
    Hey Girl - Ep. 15

    Becka and Jason say goodbye to the farm and head to visit Julie in the city.

  • Sexercise
    Hey Girl - Ep. 14

    Julie works out to stay thin for her sexist boss, while Becka and Jason make a life changing decision.

  • Lobster Town
    Hey Girl - Ep. 13

    Julie confesses a digression to Becka who also shares an interesting encounter at Lobster Town.

  • Horsing Around
    Hey Girl - Ep. 12

    Julie starts her new job at "Stubbys" while Becka fears a stalker is after her on the farm.

  • One Broke Girl
    Hey Girl - Ep. 11

    Julie endures a degrading job interview at "Stubbys" where she must display her sexy body for tips.

  • Breast Exam
    Hey Girl - Ep. 10

    Mr. Willis' fantasy is jeopardized when his nerves get in the way.

  • I Want Candy
    Hey Girl - Ep. 9

    With his wife away, Mr. Willis makes an appointment with a call girl named Candy.

  • Some People Never Die
    Hey Girl - Ep. 8

    Becka is reprimanded at work while Julie heads to a job interview, trying to avoid the neighbors.

  • Rent Check
    Hey Girl - Ep. 7

    Julie stops by to pay her rent but the awkward tension between her and Mr. Willis gets in the way.

  • Another Satisfied Customer
    Hey Girl - Ep. 6

    Becka is reprimanded by her boss for talking on her cell phone at work and doesn't get any sympathy from her boyfriend who's only interested in one thing.

  • Walk of Shame
    Hey Girl - Ep. 5

    Julie calls Mike and decides to do something she normally wouldn't do, but must pay the consequences.

  • Booty Call Girl
    Hey Girl - Ep. 4

    Mr. Willis makes Julie an offer regarding her rent. Becka gives Jason another chance in the sack.

  • Orgasmic
    Hey Girl - Ep. 3

    Becka has sex with her boyfriend Jason and the two have differing views on the female orgasm.

  • Propositioned
    Hey Girl - Ep. 2

    Julie's "Hot Date" takes an unexpected turn, leaving her in an awkward position.

  • Sexting
    Hey Girl - Ep. 1

    Julie calls her best friend Becka long distance for advice on what to wear on her hot date.

  • Hey Girl - Trailer
    Hey Girl

    When Julie says goodbye to her best friend Becka and moves to the big city, she must re-invent herself while sidestepping all the loser guys around her. Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away in Wisconsin, Becka and her boyfriend Jason confront the boredom of the town and their relationship.

Comments & Info: Country Boys and Dixie Chicks

: 6min. 38sec.
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    Becka and Jason say goodbye to the farm and head to visit Julie in the city.

    Credits: Starring:
    Deneen Melody
    Kevin Wunder
    Danny Glenn
    Susan Adler
    David Forsythe

    Written & Directed by David J. Miller
    Executive Producer Michael Forsythe

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