88 Hits


  • The Show Must Go On
    88 Hits - Ep. 21

    The family looks towards a future without Paul and Robert shows them the final cut of his documentary. Season Finale!

  • Wreck? We, Ummmm...
    88 Hits - Ep. 20

    Tommy, Franky and Darnell try and negotiate a cheap price for Paul's funeral while Rachel has a few surprises for them.

  • Tough Times
    88 Hits - Ep. 19

    Tommy and the boys deal with the tragic news of a death in the family.

  • The Deep End
    88 Hits - Ep. 18

    Tommy and the boys get arrested and now have to make arrangements to get new guns. What else can go wrong?

  • Nuclear Family
    88 Hits - Ep. 17

    The family wrestles with the fact that Darnell has been hit.

  • Andy & Leonard
    88 Hits - Ep. 16

    The family looks at two "old school" goodfellas in an attempt to get things back on track.

  • New Blood
    88 Hits - Ep. 15

    The family decides to hire new guys in an attempt to help solve their myriad of ongoing problems.

  • Milk Money
    88 Hits - Ep. 14

    Family friend Nick Maroni tries to help the family out again, but it's not dog food this time, it's milk - and lots of it.

  • Exercising Power
    88 Hits - Ep. 13

    Tommy challenges Robert to a game of tennis and teaches him a valuable life lesson about guns, hospitals and the mob.

  • Side Projects
    88 Hits - Ep. 12

    Tommy does some freelance work to try and make extra money, while Paul reveals the one thing he's most proud of in his life.

  • Show Business
    88 Hits - Ep. 11

    Franky dreams of being a stand-up comic, but some wonder if it makes the family look even weaker than they already are.

  • Gambling Business
    88 Hits - Ep. 10

    Darnell owes the family a large gambling debt and tries to find creative ways to pay it back.

  • Family Time
    88 Hits - Ep. 8

    Tommy throws a family party for his daughter's 1st birthday and continues to look for new ways to make money.

  • Weakening of The Family
    88 Hits - Ep. 7

    The FBI thinks they might have an in with one of the family members and Tommy thinks Paul's new ways of doing things are too soft.

  • What's a Family To Do?
    88 Hits - Ep. 6

    Tommy teaches Darnell a lesson as the family continues to struggle under Paul's new direction.

  • Times Are a Changin'
    88 Hits - Ep. 5

    Paul looks into the future of crime, and the family debates the best way to regain their power and respect.

  • Just Not The Same
    88 Hits - Ep. 4

    An assassination attempt is made on the boss' life.

  • Family Man
    88 Hits - Ep. 3

    Tommy takes his kid to work, and the family recalls a fond memory.

  • The Family
    88 Hits - Ep. 2

    The family recalls the "good old days" while looking towards an uncertain future.

  • Building The Family
    88 Hits - Ep. 1

    Meet the Pascadellis - the most unorganized family in the organized crime world.

  • 88 Hits - Teaser
    88 Hits

    Meet the once proud Pascadelli crime family... the most unorganized family in the organized crime world. If this wasn't bad enough, they're also going broke. Inspired by "This Is Spinal Tap" and other great mockumentary style movies and TV shows, "88 Hits" is a completely improvised web comedy that follows the Pascadellis as they do their best to make ends meet.

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: 4min. 46sec.
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    Meet the Pascadellis - the most unorganized family in the organized crime world.


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