• Coming Clean
    CandyGirls - Ep. 6

    Jason comes clean to Katie, or does he...?

  • The Threesome
    CandyGirls - Ep. 5

    2 girls, 1 threesome, very little time...

  • Here Comes The Billionaire
    CandyGirls - Ep. 4

    Jason considers telling Katie the truth, but a billionaire client puts his decision on hold...

  • The Rabbit
    CandyGirls - Ep. 3

    Jason buys Katie a very special gift...

  • All Tied Up
    CandyGirls - Ep. 2

    While Jason rescues Penelope, Katie's suspicions grow...

  • The World's Oldest Profession
    CandyGirls - Ep. 1

    Jason plans a special night, but duty calls.

  • CandyGirls - Trailer

    Jason Bloom (BEN KURLAND) is a recent MBA grad in a struggling economy. So he did what any smart, ambitious, enterprising young man would do -- he started his own escort agency! With the help of former-escort-turned-Hollywood-Madam Eliza Heller (ELENI SYMEONIDES), Jason arranges "dates" for his wealthy clientele, and keeps his working girls out of trouble... all while keeping his secret life a secret from his increasingly suspicious girlfriend Katie (RYA MEYERS). CandyGirls is a sharp, sexy, true-to-life dramatic comedy that asks the question: How long can you live two lives, before they both intersect?

Comments & Info: All Tied Up

: 3min. 47sec.
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    While Jason rescues Penelope, Katie's suspicions grow...

    Credits: JKFilms, LLC

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